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OX2 has handed over three completed wind farms in Finland to Renewable Power Capital

March 29, 2023, 09:20
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OX2 has commissioned and handed over the Merkkikallio (as announced February 17, 2023), Puutikankangas and Rustari wind farms in Finland to the renewable energy investor, Renewable Power Capital. The wind farms comprise a total of 31 wind turbines with a total capacity of about 170 MW.

OX2 and Renewable Power Capital signed an agreement to contruct the Merkkikallio, Puutikankangas and Rustari wind farms in December 2020. Merkkikallio wind farm was built in Vaasa and Mustasaari, Puutikankangas wind farm in Sievi and Rustari wind farm in Kurikka.

The combined annual production of the wind farms is 590 GWh, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 118,000 households (5,000 kWh per household). The wind farms generate a total of approximately one million euros in real estate tax for the municipalities per year.

OX2 will be responsible for the technical and commercial management of the three wind farms under an agreement with Renewable Power Capital.