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Compensation and benefits

OX2 aims to be an attractive employer in the renewable energy sector. Offering our employees competitive wages relative to the market is vital for us as a successful, efficient and well- functioning organization to recruit, motivate, develop and retain employees with the necessary skills in both the short term and the long term.

OX2 recognizes all nationally established pay systems and processes, detailed additional national pay offers in areas such as pensions, insurance and benefits in line with local labor law, collective and works council agreements or generally accepted market practice, where applicable.

Although OX2 applies individual and differentiated pay determination, it is important that pay is fair and that there are no unjustifiable differences in pay. Pay should be used as a valuable tool to reward employee performance, behavior and results, particularly where these improve the overall business.

OX2’s principles concerning job-related requirements, performance, behavior and results, market conditions and legal requirements are always applied in the setting and reviewing of wages. It is important for OX2 to have satisfied employees and we therefore offer benefits to support our employees in their work and to stimulate their wellbeing.