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Community involvement

It is crucial for us to involve and respect those who live and work where we establish renewable energy projects. The local knowledge about the culture and nature of the area is a great input in planning the layout of the wind or solar farm. 

Local knowledge 

OX2 combines central capabilities spread across our offices with local collaborative development teams and contractors, ensuring community engagement and project adaptation to local conditions. All projects have a local communication plan to ensure clear and transparent communication through all phases of the project.

Meetings with local stakeholders are held throughout the project's lifetime, from early public hearings to information meetings and open house events during and after construction. We belive it is extremely important to create open dialogue and
show respect for the people who live and work in the local area.

Workers grievance mechanism is available in all projects. It is needed so people working in OX2´s projects can give anonymous feedback about anything (project-, site- or work-related issues) that concerns them. We strive to always provide feedback to those making complaints.


  • Ensure local involvement and a local presence in 100% of our projects.
  • Zero unattended grievance.