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Solar power

OX2 is dedicated to developing and selling large utility-scale solar farms, underpinned by a fundamental focus on high quality and performance. In Australia, focus has been on solar energy, leveraging the country's natural advantage in terms of solar irradation.

OX2 and solar power

Solar power is the fastest growing technology in the global energy mix. In 2020, 138.2 GW of solar power was installed globally. This represents 39 percent of total new energy installations.

The market is driven by ambitious climate targets, a sharp increase in demand for renewable electricity and a strong willingness to invest. It is also supported by product development and reduced investment costs.

As with all its chosen technologies, OX2 will operate at all stages of the value chain, from financing, permits and sales to construction and management.

OX2 develops both land-based and floating solar power facilities, the latter established on lagoons, basins and lakes. OX2 is also developing agrivoltaics, a system where solar modules are installed in such a way that the land can be used for agriculture at the same time. OX2 is also working with hybrid solutions that combine solar power with various energy storage solutions.

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