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Exploring synergies in Björkskär

As part of the development of renewable energy projects in Åland, OX2 explores synergies between business and biodiversity.

Project Björkskär, initiated in 2023 on the Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden, aims at integrating renewable energy production, enhancing marine biodiversity, and addressing eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. The project is a cooperation between OX2 and local businesses Under Ytan and Nemo Seafarms.

Exploring ways to enhance biodiversity

The project prioritizes biodiversity promotion by testing various surfaces and structures on offshore wind turbine foundations. Erosion protection methods are explored to support biodiversity around critical elements within the wind turbine park, including foundations and cabling. Stand-alone artificial reefs are also under assessment, with a focus on fostering diverse fish species. 

Algae cultivation at scale

In the realm of sustainable resource cultivation, the project experiments with natural algae propagation methods. Ropes are deployed in natural habitats to encourage algae attachment, promoting species like bladderwrack, gutweed, and forked seaweed. These algae are then wound up on larger frames for growth before harvesting. 

Algae cultivation on wooden frames.

Algae cultivation on wooden frames.

Laboratory-based methods for algae propagation are also explored, aiming to establish a continuous and sustainable source of algae for future oceanic cultivation. The island's geographical location provides optimal conditions for these tests. 

Increasing awareness and sharing knowledge

Communication and education are integral to the project, involving the public through activities like algae tastings, narratives on island life, and information sessions on Baltic Sea biodiversity. With growing academic interest, the project remains open to collaborations with research institutions and universities to share experiences and findings for the advancement of marine biodiversity and sustainability. 

From left to right: Joel Lindholm (Under Ytan), Anders Wiklund (OX2), Charlotta Nummelin (OX2), Ian Bergström (OX2), Magnus Hanstén (Nemo Seafarms).

Read more about Björkskär on the project site (in Swedish).

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