The Ponsivuori wind power project is located in the southern part of the town of Kurikka, a part of Southern Ostrobothnia. The project area The closest residential centers are Kurikka, about 13 kilometers northwest, about 12 kilometers east of Jalasjärvi and Kauhajoki, which is located about 17 kilometers southwest of the project area.

The construction of the Ponsivuori windpark has begun and construction works are in progress. There will be seven turbines with a hub height of 125 meters and a rotor diameter of 149m. The maximum total power is now available at seven power plants, as the power plant unit power has risen as technology evolves.

During the spring of 2019, cabling works between the windfarm and substations has been made. Turbines will be erected during the summer and commissioning will take place towards the end of the year.

Antal vindkraftverk:
Totalhöjd (m):
Förväntad produktion:
ca 100 GWh/år
Beräknad driftstart:
Början av 2020


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