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Attracting and retaining employees

OX2 is a company that solves complex problems in innovative ways. The ability to attract, recruit, and retain competent employees is therefore crucial to our success.

Talent Management

The number of employees has increased significantly in recent years. The focus within talent management has been on establishing processes for inventorying, evaluating, and developing our existing talent pool. We have also worked on reviewing succession planning in key roles and supporting our leaders to contribute to a learning culture where all employees can develop and contribute. This, in turn, makes us a more attractive employer.

Engaged Employees

We conduct an employee survey twice a year, and the engagement of our employees is high. The engagement of our employees is important as it contributes to a positive work environment, improves performance, and contributes to the company's long-term success. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, where employees thrive, and the organization is strengthened.

Compensation and Benefits

OX2 aims to be an attractive employer in the renewable energy industry. Offering our employees competitive salaries in the market is a crucial prerequisite for a successful, efficient, and well-functioning operation to recruit, motivate, develop, and retain employees with the skills needed both in the short and long term.

OX2 recognizes all national fixed compensation systems and national compensation offers, including pensions, insurance, and benefits in line with local labor laws, collective and company agreements, or common market practices where applicable.

Although OX2 applies individual and differentiated salary setting, it is important that compensations are fair and that unfair differences related to compensation do not occur. Compensations should be used as valuable tools to reward the employee's performance, behaviors, and results, especially efforts that improve overall operations. When determining and reviewing salaries, OX2's principles of job-related requirements, performance, behaviors, and results, market conditions, and legal requirements always apply. 

Our corporate values

Our values express what we stand for and serve, together with our purpose, as a foundation for managing and refining our culture.

Responsible Ambition

Responsible Ambition is a platform for how we do things. We stand on common ground, empowered, accountable and brave.

Collaborative Impact

Collaborative Impact is the effect of what we do. It is how we create value and deliver performance; it is our competitive edge.

Evolving Together

Evolving Together is the journey we are on. Together we look into the future with pride and confidence.

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  • Increase eNPS score above 50.