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Solar power

Solar power is the fastest-growing technology in the global energy mix. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar power is growing so fast that it is projected to be a bigger energy source than both coal and natural gas by 2027.

The conversion of sunlight into electricity is called photovoltaics and happens through the use of solar cells. This is a proven technology, but it is only in recent years that solar energy technology has really matured and come down significantly in cost.

Solar power’s potential is limited only by how much energy we are able to capture. In one hour, the Earth receives as much energy from the sun as the entire population of the planet uses in a year and the sun is expected to continue shining for another four and a half billion years.

Combining agriculture with solar power generation is a relatively new technology and is particularly suitable in countries with limited availability of land. The concept is called agrivoltaics.

Solar farms can easily be connected to energy storage solutions such as batteries, providing a more consistent supply of energy.

OX2 and solar power

Solar power since 2018

OX2 has been developing solar power since 2018. Growing in solar power has been key to our geographical expansion in recent years.

Active throughout the value chain

We operate at all stages of the value chain, from financing, permits and sales to construction and technical and commercial management.


We are developing agri-PV projects in France, Italy and Australia.

Key expertise

OX2’s solar hub with key expertise across the value chain is based in Spain.

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