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Financial targets and key figures

Growth target

OX2’s aim over the period 2023–2027 is to achieve an average annual growth rate (CAGR) in  operating income of at least 25 percent. OX2 has a target of >1,500 MW sold per year on  average during the period 2023–2024.

Goal: Operating income 2023–2027

>25% CAGR

Goal: MW sold per year on average during the period 2023–2024

>1,500 MW

Goal: MW sold per year from 2025

>2,000 MW

Profitability target

OX2’s goal is to achieve an operating margin of over 10 percent.

Goal: Operating margin


Outcome 2023: 


Return target

OX2’s goal is to achieve a return on capital employed of more than 25 percent.

Goal: Return on capital employed


Outcome 2023: 


Key figures for the Group

The Group has one operating segment in accordance with how the Group organizes its operations and monitors and presents financial and operational information. 

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