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Financial targets and key figures

Financial targets


Operating profit

  • Compound annual growth rate in operating income exceeding 25 percent,

Sold MW

  • > 1,500 MW sold per year on average over the 2023–24 period
  • > 2,000 MW sold per year from 2025


  • Operating margin >10 percent


  • Return on capital employed >25 percent

Key figures for the Group 

 Q2 2023Q2 20222022202120202019
Net sales, SEK m2, 2041,4697,6444,9835,2014,906
Operating income, SEK m2073621,122414416371
Operating income adjusted for development expenses, SEK m2914401,451634549463
Operating margin, %9.4%24.7%14.7%8.3%8.0%7.6%
Operating margin adjusted for development expenses, %13.2%29.9%19.0%12.7%10.6%9.4%
Profit for the period, SEK m2453041,085334298315
Investments in the project development portfolio, SEK m-284-41-783-424-287-159
Project acquisitions, MW3,08262,6563,4461,7811,244
Total portfolio, MW44,82828,46037,86421,68615,759
Project development portfolio, MW32,44723,86428,26317,37112,6614,570
Sold projects, MW2,967924,893719329488
Sold MW with potential additional payments6,56604,410000
Projects under constructions, MW1,2001,0861,3431,329817974
Projects handed over, MW0329482207486109
Contracts under management, MW4,6153,5103,8482,9862,2812,080
Number of employees444331366277182139