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Culture and values

OX2 aims to constantly uphold a growth culture, by which we mean a view of our workplace as an arena where we invest in developing ourselves as individuals and as a team. We believe that people’s growth, not just their current performance, is our greatest asset.

As a learning organization, we believe our ability to learn faster than the environment changes are an inspiring ambition and a competitive advantage we feel inspired to strive for.

An example of how we put our appreciation of everyone’s involvement in practice – our values reflect a result from collective co-creation where we invited all and engaged over 85% of the company to provide their feedback, reflection, and perspective to our collective values.

Below you see the result.

Our values

Our values express what we stand for and serve, together with our purpose, as a foundation for managing and refining our culture.

Responsible Ambition

Being responsible in our ambition means that we have the courage to set high standards. When we set our high goals, we will take full accountability and focus on reaching them with honesty and integrity.

Equal Belonging

We are all different and diverse in background and perspectives. However, we all deserve to feel equally invested in our culture. We achieve that through including people with respect and curiosity.

Collaborative Impact

When we take time to learn, innovate and collaborate, we do it with a clear purpose – to have a sustainable impact. We have the openness and flexibility to co-create, based on our unique competencies for an impact that is larger than ourselves.

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