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Positive contribution to climate and nature 

Climate change and large-scale biodiversity loss are two interconnected global crises. To bring about a resilient world, we need to prevent climate change, and at the same time enrich biodiversity. By accelerating the access to renewable energy OX2 is an important contributor to limit climate change. To do this in a sustainable manner we work to minimize our GHG emissions, minimize our negative impact on nature, and achieve a higher level of circular use of resources. 


We work actively to maximize the climate benefit of renewable energy through the enablement of avoided greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions stemming from our operation in line with the 1.5°C and the Paris Agreement.

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We believe that renewable energy should not come at the expense of nature, and therefore we work actively with biodiversity and aim to develop nature-positive wind and solar farms by 2030.

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We work together with industry organizations, suppliers and contractors towards a more circular use of resources, where materials are to a higher extent repurposed and recycled.

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