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County Administrative Board gives green light to offshore wind farm Galatea-Galene outside Sweden

January 30, 2023, 07:50
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The County Administrative Board of Halland has decided that the offshore wind farm Galatea-Galene can get permission to be built according to the Act on Sweden’s exclusive economic zone. With the approval of the Swedish government construction could start already 2026 without subsidies. The Swedish Armed Forces has approved parts of the wind farm and the final decision is now up to the government of Sweden.

In its decision the County Administrative Board writes that the government can give the wind farm permission to be built. The Swedish Armed Forces has declared they don’t have any objections to the northern part of the wind farm, the dialogue continues for the southern area.

The planned wind farm has an installed capacity of up to 1.7 GW. The annual electricity generation is estimated to 6-7 TWh, which is close to the increase in demand industries in the region of western Sweden will have by 2030. Besides the production of electricity OX2, cooperates with local stakeholders to improve the environment in the area surrounding the project.

- This is an important step to increase the generation of renewable energy in southern Sweden and to reduce the cost of electricity. The wind farm will furthermore contribute to the green transition and to secure a competitive industry in the region. We look forward to working with the local business to create job opportunities and, among other things, a large-scale seaweed farming, says Emelie Zakrisson, Head of project development for Offshore wind power Sweden, OX2.

- This is great news that the county board has green lighted the project. We look forward to realise Galatea-Galene together with OX2. With a speedy permit process the wind farm could be producing electricity before 2030, says Frederik de Jong, Head of renewable energy investments, Ingka Investments.

The Galatea-Galene wind farm is divided in to two areas. Galatea is 25 kilometers outside the city of Falkenberg and Galene is about 25 kilometers outside the city of Varberg.

Galatea-Galene is one of three projects that OX2 is developing together with Ingka Investments. The other two are Triton outside the coast of Skåne and Aurora between the islands Gotland and Öland. All three projects will be decided by the Swedish government and have together a potential to produce up to 38 TWh, which corresponds to about a fourth of Sweden’s total electricity consumption as of today.