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OX2 wins EPC contract for 112 MW wind power in Norway

August 8, 2016, 10:30
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The renewable energy company OX2 has been commissioned to build the 112 MW Raskiftet wind farm in Norway. The client is a joint venture company held by German municipal utilities company Stadtwerke München and its Norwegian counterparts Eidsiva Energy and Gudbrandsdal Energy. The project will be delivered turnkey and is OX2's first construction project in Norway.

Austri Vind, which is owned by Gudbrandsdal Energy and Eidsiva Energy, has worked on development of the project since 2010 and has cooperated with OX2 since 2015 in order to, among other things, secure financing. The entry of Stadtwerke München as a majority shareholder in the project company will enable OX2 to start the construction work.

"Thanks to the good and professional collaboration with OX2, our renewable energies expansion campaign will take a further step forward. Along with the onshore wind park in Sweden commissioned last year, this will be our second major renewable project in Scandinavia. By 2025, SWM aims to generate enough green power in its own installations to supply all of Munich, making Munich the first million city worldwide to have reached this target. Wind power will play a significant role in achieving this" says Bettina Hess, spokeswoman Stadtwerke München.

”Austri Vind is happy to have chosen OX2 as the partner in developing the Raskiftet project. We acknowledge OX2 as an experienced windpower company, and look forward in realizing the project together with OX2” says chairman of Austri Vind, Thor Svegården.

The wind farm will be built in Raskiftet, in the municipalities of Åmot and Trysil, Norway. It will be composed of 31 wind turbines and when the plant is commissioned at the end of 2018, it will produce some 370 GWh of new renewable electricity per year.

We have enjoyed a rewarding collaboration with all the parties involved in the project, and we are now looking forward to building and delivering yet another high-quality wind farm“ says Paul Stormoen, Managing Director of OX2 Wind.

Facts about the project:
- Estimated electricity generation GWh per year: about 370 GWh
- Scheduled operation start: end of 2018
- Owners: Stadtwerke München (60%), Gudbrandsdal Energi (20%), Eidsiva Energi (20%)
- EPC supplier: OX2