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In an open letter, companies urge an increase of climate measures in the EU

May 22, 2018, 12:43
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18 Nordic region companies have written a joint open letter to all Energy Ministers in the EU, urging them to support increased measures to prevent a future climate crisis. The background to the letter is a preliminary report from the IPCC that shows that global warming will very probably exceed the critical limit of 1.5 degrees.

The letter has been issued in connection with “The Clean Energy Ministerial” commencing this week. This meeting will gather the world’s key economies in Copenhagen and Malmö to discuss how the global transition to clean energy could be speeded up. The EU's 2030 targets and the way of achieving these will form important parts of these discussions.

Read the open letter here

The following companies are signatories:

Bring, Thomas Tscherning, CEO

Castellum, Filip Elland, Head of Sustainability

Danfoss, Kenth Kærhøg, SVP Communication and Reputation

Grundfos, Ask Møller-Nielsen, Head of Group Public Affairs

H&M, Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability

HSB, Anders Lago, Chairman

IKEA, Pia Heidenmark Cook, Chief Sustainability Office

Lantmännen, Alarik Sandrup, Director Public and regulatory affairs

Löfbergs Coffee Group, Lars Appelqvist, CEO

Novozymes, Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs, EMEA

OX2, Johan Ihrfelt, CEO

Polarbröd, Anna Borgeryd, Chief Strategist

Riksbyggen, Leif Linde, CEO

Rockwool, Christian Jølck, Director, Marketing & Communications

Sveaskog, Lena Sammeli-Johansson, Chief Sustainability Office

Velux, Ingrid Reumert, VP Global Communications, CSR & Public Affairs

Vestas, Morten Dyrholm, Group SVP for Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs

Ørsted, Jakob Askou Bøss, SVP Group Stakeholder Relations