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Fontavis portfolio wind farm Stigshöjden connected to grid

September 5, 2019, 06:30
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FONTAVIS and OX2 commissioned the Swedish 21.6 MW onshore wind farm Stigshöjden on schedule. FONTAVIS acquired the wind farm pre-construction in 2017 and completed it with OX2, one of the leading developers of large-scale wind power in the Nordic region. Stigshöjden wind farm consists of six Vestas V117 wind turbines, rated at 3.6 MW. Expected average production of the facility amounts to 62 GWh per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of about 13,000 households. The commissioning marks the first completion of a greenfield asset in the Fontavis Renewable Infrastructure Fund Europe.

«The completion of Stigshöjden wind farm is an important milestone in the collaboration between FONTAVIS and OX2. The commissioning of the wind farm contributes directly towards achieving long-term renewable energy generation targets in Sweden, and underlines FONTAVIS’ commitment to the clean energy and infrastructure market», says Thomas Vogt, Director at FONTAVIS.

«The cooperation with FONTAVIS has worked very well during the construction phase and we are now looking forward to manage the wind farm for many years to come», says Paul Stormoen, CEO at OX2.

The successful completion and launch of Stigshöjden wind farm in line with initial schedule highlights both FONTAVIS’ and OX2’s competencies and commitment to the industry and to delivering high quality wind farms for the benefit of the environment and the investors.