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OX2 has handed over Juniewicze wind farm in Poland to Octopus Energy Generation

December 21, 2023, 08:15
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OX2 has handed over the Juniewicze wind farm in the municipality of Huszlew, Poland, to Octopus Energy Generation. The wind farm comprises 16 turbines with a total installed capacity of 48 MW.

OX2 and Octopus Energy Generation signed a contract to construct Juniewicze wind farm in June 2021. The yearly production is estimated to be about 139 GWh, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 32,000 households (5,000 kWh per household).

In connection to the Juniewicze wind farm OX2 has supported the local community in several ways, like constructing a playground at the school. OX2 has also been part of activities to strengthen biodiversity and will build a flower meadow and install nesting sites for birds and bats. The owner has also sponsored a project to support the integration of Ukranian refugees in the region.

- We are happy to safely and successfully deliver this project to Octopus Energy Generation which will contribute to powering the transition to a fossil-free future. We are also very happy with the cooperation and support from the local community during the project, says Paul Stormoen, CEO, OX2.

OX2 will be responsible for the local technical and commercial management of the wind farm with Octopus Energy Generation continuing to act as asset manager. Octopus manages wind farms like this all across Europe on behalf of investment funds.
By the end of the third quarter OX2 was constructing a total of 1,335 MW in four different markets. During the fourth quarter four wind farms with a total of 311 MW has been handed over to investors.